The Urge to Urbanize

     Human beings have a tendency to agglomerate. Agglomerate means they have a tendency to come together. Human beings are just not able to live separately, live individually. So they somehow want to come together into a community. Human beings want to socialize. They want to meet each other; they want to exchange their views. So there starts people coming together. That is tendency one.
     Tendency two is that people want to be active. They have a surge within them perhaps driven by some ideas that they think they are getting. Or, it could be a restlessness within them that can be settled only if they have occupied their mind with something to do. So I repeat the three reasons for tendency two - First is that people want to do things, they want to remain active. Second, they want to do things because there is a surge within them which is linked to an idea triggered within them which they want to see manifested. They think it’s a great idea which merits manifestation. And third it’s a restlessness in their mind that they want to be kept occupied. So this is tendency two. So in tendency two, they start creating, they start procuring raw material, they start inventing new product of comfort using the raw material and then they start interacting, they start transacting with each other. Some kind of barter system begins among them, because everybody has a need or want to consume something or the other which is built by another person, who is good at producing the other things, as simple as clothes and shoe. One person is a cobbler, other person is a tailor; so this transactions and interactions goes on; a trade begins. Now the mind is occupied, restlessness is somehow diminished; the surge within to put an idea into manifestation starts taking shape and that need to be active is satisfied. So this is the platform in which we are living. One, the tendency to come together, to agglomerate. Two, the tendency to become of some activity.
     Now the third tendency. Having done these two things, there is always a drive to be more refined than what you are. Like for example when somebody see a leaf, they will see a utility in a leaf of a tree. Somebody else will be curios on why the leaf is green in color. Somebody else will be curious what happens inside the leaf, how it is kept alive. Another person may think it is very poetic the way the leaf is arranged in rows and columns on a branch or on a tree and somebody else may think that it is so beautiful. And somebody may imagine what will happen if the tree is not there and the leaf is not there. So ultimately, the mind is enhancing itself to refinement to beauty. So tendency three is to get refined, to see beauty in something that somebody else may think is mundane. So the tendency three is to refine what you are already doing. You want to refine conversation; you want to refine trade procedures. You want more refined and beautiful products to be created. You want to enhance the durability of the product, the convenience of the product the style of the product, the fashion of the product. So many other creativity emerges in the dimension of not just the product but the sophistication of it itself become another product. So these are the three basic tendencies.
     So you put all these three tendencies together and there begins the urban way of living. So urbanizing is about people coming together in limited geographic boundary and they are all interacting, transacting and trading because of the three reasons a. they want to be active b. they get an idea which is an urge they want to see manifested and c. there is a restlessness to keep the mind occupied. And the third tendency is that they want to refine the product, they want to get sophistication, they want to stylize it, they want to see beauty. So urbanizing is nothing but when all these things come together.

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