The Quality of Intelligence

     The mind is template. It is a field. The impressions become superimposed on the template. When the mind is a template, then the thoughts are the impressions. When the impressions are painful, then you look for solace. Most of the education that you have only allows you to get impressions that seem to give you pleasure. This is because you do not know a nobler practice called meditation. Your intelligence is not sharp enough to be incisive between the template and the impression. You need education to enable your graduation out of the realm of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and enter in to dimension of Quality of Intelligence (QI). As long as you are an addict to linear learning and averse to lateral learning, this graduation becomes impossible. The lateral learning frees you from the grip of intellect. When you crossover and work in rather strange avenues and activities, then you are open to lateral learning. The contamination in the memory becomes sanitized. Then the quality of intelligence starts to shape up.
     This intelligence can become a wedge between the field of template and the impressions on it. When such intelligence is further sharpened, then it learns to liberate itself from the field. This intelligence that is liberated out of the grip of the field of an identity and the thoughts can be called ‘awareness’.
     Our purpose must be to relate to this awareness. Can you discover some practices, processes or even activities that will work as a wedge between the field and awareness? Only awareness is freedom.
     The template and the impressions on the template are bound by various formulae. It's ways can become predictable. Though it can create trillions of combination and permutations, using intellect, mind and memory, yet it can be quantified. What about ego? Whatever configurations are created with the power of the ego, yet the dimensions are finite.
     Meditations, yoga and stretches and various breathing techniques can bring better understanding of the story. Only awareness can deconstruct the story of the mind. The person who can deconstruct the story of the mind can then learn to navigate the configurations and permutations and combinations constructed with the elements of the mind.

Our purpose must be to relate to this awareness. Can you discover some practices, processes or even activities that will work as a wedge between the field and awareness? Only awareness is freedom.

     When quality of intelligence exceeds the template and its impressions, then you can relate to the awareness. It is this awareness that can bring an experience of tranquility and happiness.
     We have a purpose. Tranquility, harmony, happiness, peace are all part of the purpose. And we have a job too. The job is to learn to navigate through the methods, procedures and mandatory ways of the living. The job is to relate to the tendency of human. Agglomeration, urbanization, creation of material comforts and conveniences and the procurement of external incentives have all become an integral part of the job.
     You are also compelled to take on a strong identity to position yourself to the satisfaction of all the other people. You are justified to call this as your role. As much as you are sincere to your job and role but yet, it is imperative that your focus is only on awareness. We have to refocus our attention on the purpose of awareness. We need to exit from the stagnation of dedication to the job and role of what may be even at the cost of your purpose. Therefore the job, the role and the purpose, each of them performed satisfactorily, yet integrated to achieve the purpose of tranquility, peace and harmony is the optimal learning. Welcome to your home of meditation, yoga stretches and breathing techniques.

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