20 Jan 2015

      Success is the ability to be happy. Achieving targets cannot be success in totality. Achieving targets is partial success. Crossing a road is a complex situation for an infant 3 years old. The parents accompany a 4 year old to cross the road. As adults you do not need guidance to walk across a road. What was deemed complex, became simple, due to maturity. Near the traffic light a green motif of a walker indicates that it is safe for you to walk. Simultaneously all the cars stopped because they see an indicator in red light to stop. The random crossing of a road has many factors to be processed for example speed of incoming vehicles, my quickness, length of the road among other. Many factors together makes it a complex procedure.
      How to simplify this complex situation? Deconstruct it from it totality, identify and isolate a single factor from its entirety. Now look at the fraction, all the other cars on the road are compelled to stop - now you have simplified the process to once single fact. You have eliminated the need for complex processing. Most people are not willing to process the complexities. They prefer to deal with fractions.
      As a person are you complete or a fraction? The product is a fraction and is very simple whereas a person is complex and complicated. Even in the sport of football you are called midfield, forward or defender. From the whole as a footballer it is simplified to one position. Look at the corporate sector you have an accountant who many not have any interest in how the food is served in the canteen, or you may have a person in IT support who may have no interest in office security. This is where there is emphasis on creating quality product.
      But is there a neglect to create quality persons. Probably the corporate sector has excelled in product quality. Has the corporate sector failed in making quality persons?
      The calibre, capability, capacity of the human being has not been fully explored. Shockingly this cannot be achieved by studying fractions. Take a look at yourself, have you enabled yourself to indulge in complicated ideas and complex visuals. Is your habit restricting you to limit yourself in the study of things in its fraction form. Many companies are making losses because of their inability to correspond people to enriched quality. We must have intelligence to leverage all the talents of a human being.
      So where is happiness and how to get it? So is happiness only in achieving target? Certainly not!
      Companies that explore multi-focal capabilities of employees are proven to be more successful e.g. Apple, GE, than companies that straightjacket humans into fractional roles.
      The management system will then be in its entirety. There is completeness. Evolution happens in totality. Fractions may give temporary elation, happiness is evolution.
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