30 Nov 2014

      Even religions have mistakes. Why are there severe mistakes in religions? Have you heard of religious extremism? Shockingly, many times, it is the learned that perpetuates violence. Some violence have direct aim to kill and to murder. The investigations may reveal that these extremists are certainly passionate about religious rules. But here is a mistake. Having only a lot of passion to propagate one’s religion is dangerous. The spiritual scholar must awaken the wisdom. The knowledge lies in dispassion. The solemn practice of dispassion can neutralize the rough corners of religious passion. If passion is advantageous then dispassion must be there to neutralize it’s sharp edges. Some religious practitioners take pride in their success of practice of dispassion. Though subtle, yet this condition of stubbornness, vanity and pride can also increase the person’s arrogance. So we need a third element into the religion. This important word is compassion. Sincere and pragmatic practice of compassion brings the much needed maturity. Religion is certainly subordinate to spirituality. The indicator if a person is spiritual is evident in his compassion. Passion to pray and dispassion while fasting is certainly incomplete without compassion in relationships. Social harmony will thrive when compassion is integrated into religious scholars. The compassionate people nurtures and nourishes all the symbols and signs of life. Left alone with passion, people are evidently violating the basic tenets of live and let others live.
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