Question on the Media Industry


(Could you please) talk about flight of media industry in India?

Media is an important industry. It is always needed that people share information and they find new ways to convey the messages to tell a story. So, media is finding itself newer ways to convey the story and to convey the information and it is very important to know how the people consume information now. It is important what they consume more so how they consume it. Today conventional and old ways of communicating and communicating the information, perhaps is not at everybody’s convenience. Today they have ┬ásometimes even the information is available on the cells phones and many many devices ┬áhave reformatted the information and the content.. so it is important to study how people consume information … what do they want as information .. So the content is the king, promotion of the content is the queen and the impact that you make on the society and on the viewer is the prince and the next generation.