08 Apr 2015
You come home one night and find somebody else car in your parking space. You call him up and he says, “Sir, I was very tired. Why don’t you use my parking lot tonight?” It sounds fair but certainly that stranger has proved his upper hand over you. He has expressed his dominance and control over you. You may wonder that you have never encroached on other’s comfort. However tired you were, you were exerted to reach to park in your own space.
I purchased a movie ticket on Friday itself. As scheduled, I went to the crowded movie theatre on Sunday. I sat in my appropriate seat N13. In four minutes time of my relaxation in my seat came somebody and requested me to move to his seat in row F. He and his family of four had just arrived. Three of them had got seats in my row and one was in row F. I could tell the stranger that it’s just the matter of three hours. Instead of disturbing me, why don’t you settle for one member of the family to sit in the appropriate and allowed chair?
I did just that but the people in the neighboring seats made a frown at me. They succeed in demonizing my reaction and my rights to hold on to my seats. These conversations indicated that I am the social villain.
You may have been through such circumstances where your freedom to correctness and personal comfort is intruded by some other set of rules. The other set of rules with no base but only of correctness of social behavior. Is it in the same society that agrees to constitutional contracts? Yet the same fellows appropriates the vulnerable and helpless by peer pressure.
How do they adjudicate their imposition upon others? When you cry out for your legal rights yet these social ministers seems to able to garner the sympathy of the crowd. These sympathy monkeys seems to have a domain expertise. They seem to be experts in non-measurable words such as morals and ethics. They get the best of both the worlds - one of constitutional contracts and the other of customized and corrupt use of morals and ethics. They prove their point by whipping up a mob rule. Inevitably the lone standing legitimate user of the contract is short changed. Mobocracy always seems to outsmart the one who adheres to set norms.
Law, rules and orders can be adhered to. This is the method by which you are taught to interact. Is social adherence identified as following decisions that are made from mobocracy?
If mobocracy prevails, then you can stop calling yourself as a civilized democracy. Instead it is certainly a coterie of the violators. Criminalities, when they are institutionalized, they become a cartel of people. This idea of compromising discipline and making the violators into a hero is the seed for gangster. Any feuds and settlements of conflicts are taken into this extra judiciary opinion leaders. Most of today’s politicians have evolved by fishing in murky waters. The gangsters thrive on such opportunity of high handed arbitration.
If mobocracy prevails, then you can stop calling yourself as a civilized democracy. Instead it is certainly a coterie of the violators.
De-facto arrangements of leadership is not new. These gangsters become bullies and the cartel begins to harass polity. Violence, which should be an exception, converts itself into a norm. Irrationality will become the rallying point to these gangsters. It is obvious that their drive cannot sustain for long. Mobocracy will need fresh reason, new currency and extremely attractive content for support from the masses.
In the sorry plight, anxiety, anguish and deep fear of being busted, the gangsters and mob will play to every corrupt practices. Many such mobs have even used religions to justify their violence in their frontlines. One can merit and credit to sympathy monkeys who request adjustments in strict and rigid discipline. An ambulance and fire department are licensed to dishonor some traffic rules but this behavior is licensed and recorded and documented in the constitution.
The contracts and constitutional concerns are all subject to revisions and amendments.
Have you seen yourself making trivial request? May be for your personal comfort and customized convenience. Did you ever stop to think that this excuse could be an intellectual intrusion? Are you alert that you are disregarding set rules?
I am not suggesting the cognition of adjustments and compromise to rules as a link to mobocracy; but certainly, there are similarities. They both thrive on rejecting established agreements. They attract comfort and convenience out of someone who adheres to contracts. They both short changes and outsmarts their victim. They convert contracts into mobocracy. They use the cover of sociocracy in such rampage of emotional arm twisting and finally and unfortunately they claim the moral high ground.
The solution is to identify such intrusion of sympathy mongers. It is important that you neutralize these emotional junkies.
Can we respect the consensus that is contracted? Can we stop abusing the method that is already set by which you interact? Then reasons and rationale will prevail. Mobocracy will diffuse. Gangsters cannot flourish. Democracy will dominate. Society can be progressive. Individuals can be free and happy. Governance can become legitimate. Corruption can be eradicated. Soothsayers will become busted. Extremism will be weakened.
Many victims of mobocracy are pained and are in silence. Understand the coteries. Identify the cartels. The truth may be with you but power may be with the mob. When you speak out you will become enabled. Start your confrontation by telling the truth to the power.
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