30 Nov 2014

      Let us consider the word ‘mistake’. There is an adage. The new ship looks very good when it remains docked at the harbor. Ship is secure and safe at the harbor, but what is the purpose of building a ship. Its purpose is to sail the stormy seas. The ship’s utility is when it’s exposed to the harshness of the seasons. Can the ship endure the wear and tear? Then it’s a good ship if it can remain afloat.
      The way we live is not very different. Are we simply meant to confine to a safe zone? How do we grow into a personality of maturity? Can you dare to look outside the limitations of your safe zone? You may see opportunities but your competitor will advise you otherwise. Your competition may magnify the risks to you. Their objective may be to discourage your arrival in the same marketplace where they are presently thriving. You may have had this experience that every time you choose to make an exit out of your safe zone, there are many to discourage your aspirations. They may point to the changes that you are causing in their area of comfort. When you exit the current culture confinement then many of ignorances of others can become visible. Some cultures do not permit innovations. So here is your chance to make mistakes.
      Mistakes also has merit. Mistakes indicates that somebody has initiated an activity. How much ever we want to avoid errors, man cannot completely eliminate errors. But in fear of making errors if we do not reject the weaknesses of the past then such a passiveness could also be a mistake. So this is a mistake about you confining to a safe zone. Such a mistake that makes you passive is unwelcome and should be discarded.
      We need to kick start new ventures and adventures. Mistakes are inevitable in your new initiatives and actions. But then, action and innovation brings the resources. Our objective is to become resourceful. In such a case, mistakes are our friends. There is a cardinal law that one need not repeat the same mistake. Repetition of the same mistake should be avoided. Anybody who wants to acquire fresh learnings must also be able to embrace mistakes. To many people, the mistakes that they have made taught them valuable lessons. From their learnings of their past mistakes, they have become successful people. Making mistake is not a failure. But not learning due to fear of mistake can become the failure. Every researcher knows the value of mistakes.
      Mistakes are linked to pain. The fear of making mistake is because of your lack of endurance of pain. Endurance of pain requires stability of mind and steadiness in the intellect. Also one must ensure that their body is fit and healthy. These factors contribute to your ability to endure pain. If you can endure physical pain and emotional pain, then there is less fear of making a mistake. When you are devoid of fears, then you get the drive. This special drive can propel you to have the initiative for new adventures. New adventures are your new opportunities and engagement into new opportunities opens newer doors. These new doors are your exit out of confinement into a stagnating safe zone. So welcome to sail the new, fresh and stormy ocean. You can decide to arrive at the purpose for which you have originally embarked upon. This Christmas and New Year season gives ample reason to make this innovative resolution. Let us start sailing.
      Therefore mistakes are must takes.
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