From Cost to Connectivity

     You can know in detail on the formation of rain from clouds. You may have known condensation and evaporation. But there are also people who may not have articulated the details and other finer bits of the rain. Yet, these people may have exposed themselves to heavy rain every night. When caught in a heavy rainfall, with no shelter, perhaps it is the second kind of people who may know how to protect oneself.
     Can you differentiate between concept and experience? Your IQ is founded on concepts but your personality is an expression of your experiences. So then, what is the meaning of learning? Are you fooled into believing that knowing amounts to learning? All knowing has only strengthened your concepts. In many people, the knowing has confined them to limitedness. Learnings happen when you ruthlessly tear through the concepts and the knowings.
    Welcome to the realm of experiencing and learning. This is costly. Nobody has ever learnt anything without paying its cost. What are you saving for? Stop your respect to the Indian word ‘chakravyuvh’. There are some people who have managed to tear out of this doomed circle.
    Consider you are on the terrace of a six storied building. Through your smartphone, have you looked at the building many meters away? You must have zoomed through the beautiful parking lot and in through the gate, through the swanky building and arrived at the spacious balcony of the flat in the fourth floor. Could the camera zoom through the French windows on to the plush furniture and dining table? The teakwood dining table had the finest spread of continental breakfast as you saw through the camera. Zooming in further you spotted the fly on the top of the wine glass. If you research the memory of this operation called zoomin, you will discover that the fly occupies 90% of the space and only 10% is occupied by your journey from the parking lot through the swanky building and up unto the wine glass.

Your IQ is founded on concepts but your personality is an expression of your experiences. So then what is the meaning of learning?

     All this has been OK but your ignorance has begun. You do not know how to zoom out from where you are. You have arrived at the confines of the doom’s loop. You may call it doomed circle or even ‘chakravyuh’. What is your fear to zoom out? Yes, you may lose out on the investment that you made throughout your journey. The pain is that in the end of it all, there is a housefly to corrupt and to contaminate. Its impression is embedded in your memory. At best this can only contribute to corrosion. Zooming out is painful even if you know the method.
     Are you going back to your habit? Are you converting your method to zoom out into a concept? You can now experience an importance that you are all knowing. What you have lost out is of the experience of the rain. The learning is your ability to zoom out.
     Identify your confines. Is your doom’s loop call as profession, relationship, investment and savings,  regional infrastructure or even friendships? So are you willing to go through losses and expose yourself to pains? Understandings, arguments and your likes cannot free you from your concepts. All these are bound into the dimension of costs. The cost of indulgences or your comfort in the doom’s loop are your burdens.
     Do not deny yourself the learning of the way to zoom out. Your contributions and your payouts are your only gains. Gifting away your talents and skills are in effect your profits. Will you dare to expose yourself to this method to zoom out? Only your personality will become your asset. The asset increases proportionately to your willingness to explore. This is your evolution. This evolution is your asset.
     How long will you revolt against the truth? Have you made your comforts and conveniences in to your power? When will the time come for you to tell the truth to this power? Sacrifice and austerity must replace your comfort and convenience.
     Outside the horizons exists the connectivity. Zoom out to connectivity to experience the freedom. In this dimension of connectivity, there are no costs. All efforts here metamorphosizes into willingness. In the dimension of freedom, exertions cannot exist. But yet, the pursuit to procure connectivity is costly.
     So who has skewed your calculations? What is the value of cost and the value of connectivity? What methodology do you have to infer the preciousness of connectivity?
     Seek the one who will free you from the skew. In that freedom to evaluate, you will relate to this precious paradigm of connectivity. All the differences become integrated outside the horizon. Zoom out of cost and blitz into connectivity.

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