22 Mar 2015

      Let us open to words of intrigue. Paradox and oxymoron are two such words. If we are dependent on a linear understanding, how then to accommodate the status of oxymoron or a paradox? The irony is that though our education is all about sequential and linear, yet there is an attempt to accommodate the lateral words into it. How to deconstruct into its 25 components when the thing itself is nonexistent? Intelligence compels you to learn to articulate the things that are nonexistent. The challenge is to create a tangibility and apportion a respectable space for things that are non-perceivable. Here is the million dollar question. How to deal with these uncertainties? What is the method to handle the unknown?
      It is ambiguous. Humanity is compelled to arrest itself into a realm of measurements. Welcome to the world of entropy. You can confidently enter into the following betting. No dictionary or a person will give you the complete definition of the word entropy. Is it the measure of disorderliness? Is the disorderliness a fringe existence inside a very orderly superset? Is entropy a measure of the potential to be in chaos? Is it the relative volatility that is imminent in a situation? While we debate the answers, yet the entropy exists. In society you may call it crisis.
      What is the entropy levels in the way you think? Do you have clarity of mind or of purpose? As a society come to terms with the purpose of its existence has your family understood the goals that has to be achieved together so that there is relevance to stay together? The dilemma is that nobody has created a method by which we can generate the necessary consensus. But the entropy is the key factor among many other reasons.
      If 200,000 trees are all growing straight and upright in a forest then where is the entropy? Inherently there is immense orderliness. Have you seen the pine forests near the icy regions? Is it surprising that even the rivers in these regions seem to know how to flow in a straight line? The people there seem to walk in straight lines. The queues in front of ticket counters adhere to a straight line. Consider the regions near the equator. The word haphazard could be used synonymously with the forest. I am not in anyway justifying the confusions and interactive dilemmas and restlessness of the people in the tropical regions. But yet it is justifiable that a new study on orderliness vs entropy needs to be done. You may christen it as the social entropy. The people sometimes just does not even have a rationale to be argumentative. Yet they seem to be at loggerheads with every issue and sentiments and at each other. Can you blame it on entropy? The entropy seems to be the rule and the uniform standard seems to be exceptions. Scholars, scientists, philosophers and other well-wishers can sit in their armchairs and research halls of order. But over 75% of the masses are exposed to the market realities. The market is the reasonable sample of behavior quotient in the society. Most of the time the markets the negotiations and the transactions are nuanced with disturbances if not volatility.
      What are the factors which brings results and achievements? Is it entropy or otherwise? Whatever it may be can be relegated into a box called by products. So let us discuss the worthy pursuits. I strongly recommend that a probe and investigation into entropy is a sign of intelligence. The humanity deserves total knowledge of this band and range between entropy and its reverse reality. Practicality of the way we live in society compels us to pay for the consequences. The ability to generate proportionate resource out of the environmental entropy is called opportunity. Deciphering and articulating all that minute elements of entropy can be the biggest accomplishment. The volcano, the earthquakes or even a tsunami are evidences of high entropy. Anger, murder, invasions, thuggery, rowdism, and other criminalities exists in high entropy.
      How to arrive at the core? The core has to be serene. There is sanctity at the core of all disciplines. Our education must be to revere the core of the apparent expression.
      It is inevitable that the mind is vulnerable to extreme entropy. But inside this very oxymoron lies severe discipline and orderliness. There is a journey from the current status of entropy to its source of sacredness. Every step of this journey deserves sincerity and reverence. To blast out of entropy and to arrive at the intense silence at its core some techniques of breathing and yoga has to be practiced. Available are also many techniques of meditations. These practices are essential to cool down the heat of the entropy. Innovation and creativity needs an environment of calm and tranquility.
      Entropy may be inevitable but certainly it is not an absolute. The wisdom of humanity is the ability to know the source that is pristine and yet willingly participate in the happiness within entropy. Today may be the beginning in this journey but it is decreed that humanity has to learn to operate in the entropy and yet be connected to its composure. The length of the journey is vulnerable to be measured by a perception. Perhaps the perception itself is the destination.
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