15 Nov 2014

      Did you know the word called ‘Alas’? Parents used to regularly use it. When would you use it? Certainly, when you cannot express yourself. Would you like to express yourself fully? Have you ever felt inhibited to express yourself? Sometimes even though you are not inhibited yet you did not find the appropriate medium of expression. You could have chosen to dance or to sing. Another person may have chosen to paint a picture. Somebody may have shown peculiar behavior. Everybody needs expression. Everybody is seeking to express themselves appropriately. Your despair may be justified when you are restricted in expressing yourself.
      But why the limitation in your knowledge to express? What is your content? Have you discovered the substance that you want to express? Maybe the people have been too busy in harvesting livelihood. But then why is it so difficult to harvest livelihood? Haven’t you seen some people for whom livelihood comes with ease? They put least effort. Then why are you exerting? Do you know the makeup of your needs? Did you research on what constitutes your wants? Have you articulated your necessities? If you have not studied the dynamics of your own mind, then how do you plan to become satisfied? Can you invent a satisfaction which is not dependent on an external gratification? So we have to know the factors that comes together to constitute your mind and its desires.
      It’s time to relax now. It is up to you to discover your method of rejuvenation. Aren’t you confined to the lower class of economics, the subordinate strata of social recognition and the base levels of knowledge? This may be because you chose to be restless while you rejected being restful. It is time to cut off and shut off from all temptations. Can you be devoid of any activity for a duration of few hours? The enthusiasm that is produced out of the real silence and restfulness can trigger your exit from the base levels to higher reaches of knowledge, economics and recognition. Isn’t it time that people chose to learn meditation?
      How good are you at scrutiny? You need expertise of scrutiny. Equipped with scrutiny alone, you can decipher the realities. How is it that you lose things that you do not want to lose? How is it that others turn hostile to you though there is no apparent reason? Why has some gains and benefits becomes yours though you did not chase it? Why did some of your interests pale away though they were lucrative? Welcome to the world of multiple realities. Surely, everything that you thought as permanent and solid also changed and revealed its fluid states.
      Now, don’t you agree that you need a trainer to correct your perceptions? It is a providence that persuaded Saturn to take the identity of a trainer. Saturn has a job to do. He is dedicated to his job of being the headmaster of the college of learning. He is convinced that he has a willing student in you. Innocently Saturn is making his approach. Sincerely he is delivering his lessons. Are you ready to be the willing learner? Or is your habit that of rejecting learnings? Aren’t you aging faster than you think you are? Aren’t the people that you know exhibiting their senility? They are unable to change and to learn. Are they lamenting of the presence of Saturn?
      You can choose to be the wise one. You can choose to enroll to learn from the trainer. You can choose to give attendance and be attentive in the classes. Your daily living is the class and Saturn is your trainer. You have a job to do too and that is to demolish your senility and look to learn a fresh living. You are lucky that you have a source from where you can learn to live well. Does Saturn deserve your gratitude?
      Welcome to the science of perception. Your willingness to learn can expose you to multiple dimensions of realities. It is important that you become a domain expert with your unique skills to perceive your environment in its broader existence. Now you have a holistic perception and in depth wisdom about your existence. Expression of your nature cannot remain hidden. Your existence has a purpose. It is your accountability to discover your purpose. Your wholesome perception alone will educate you to fit you into the totality.
      Meditation propels rejuvenation. Let us begin our exercises - yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Excellence can come to you only when you express yourself freely and fully. There is a condition and that is you experience your true nature. The transformation in your perception will allow you to have the courage for new inferences. Living is awesome, happiness is permanent. Alas has diminished. Wow has taken its place. It is the age of people and social delight. Can you begin the journey of your scrutiny of your own mind?

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