Issue 001



Are you going through those moments where you feel you are trapped in a career which is limiting your possibilities, potential and passion? So, what to do?   Read on...



Have you encountered situations where your rights or legitimate comforts have been subjugated because a group of people imposed some unwritten social norm on you? Then mobocracy has prevailed.   Read on ...



The world seems to be moving towards increasing levels of disorderliness and choas. How is this affecting our lives and how do we deal with it.  Read on for insights.



With people getting more occupied with their careers, goals and interests, relationships are getting affected. Sometimes, the ones close to you can have extremely divergent opinions and beliefs and may be unwilling to see your point of view. Is it still possible to stay connected?   Read More..



How do we define success? Do we limit it to certain events and achievements? Or is there more to it? Read this column to view success in a different light.  Read on...


A short note about religious extermism.  


Whether we like it or not, we all make mistakes. They are an invitable part of life. So can we learn a bit more about them? Enjoy this refreshing article about mistakes. Don't make the mistake of not reading it!


Do you know the word called 'Alas'? Parents used to regularly use it. When would you use it? Certainly when you cannot expres yourself. Would you like to express yourself fully? Have you ever felt inhibited to express yourself? Read More ...

Navaratri Begins

Navaratri this year has just begun. It is a special time for us. These nine nights are dedicated to the Mother Divine (Devi). The festival combines worship and celebration of the feminine aspect of Divinity. Read More ...

Secrets of Communication

Communication is an inescapable part of our life. We are communicating all the time, consciously and unconsciously. So, what does it take to become a good communicator? Read on ...

The Story of Ganesha

The mythological story of the origin of Lord Ganesha has always been intriguing. Is there more to this story than meets the eye? Read this article to find amazing insights into this fascinating tale. Read on ...

The Quality of Intelligence

The mind is template. The impressions become superimposed on the template. When the mind is a template, then the thoughts are the impressions. Your intelligence is not sharp enough to be incisive between the template and the impression. You need education to enable your graduation out of the realm of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and enter in to dimension of Quality of Intelligence (QI).   Read on...

The Urge to Urbanize

UN population statistics show that today more than 50% of human population live in cities. The trends also indicate more and more urbanization in the future. Have you ever wondered why do people want to live in cities. How did this phenomenon of urbanization happen. Read this article to get an insight. Full Article...

From Cost to Connectivity

Is there a gap between our concepts and our experience? Does our learning give rise to more concepts and less experience? What is real learning? To find out read more...

Online Shopping

Opinion: Online Shopping

Online shopping is on the rise. The convenience of clicking a button and getting stuff delivered to your doorstep is somewhat irresistible. But, are we missing out on something? Read this opinion column to find out more...


The Camouflage of Snake
The Vote Rap